activity streamsLots of analysts and writers talk about the business value flowing through the streams of social and enterprise information but what business leaders expect people to sit in front of those streams hoping they catch a nugget of gold flowing past?

This morning Sameer Patel at Pretzel Logic really nailed it in his article “Who Spiked the Enterprise Activity Stream?”

Here are some snippets from his article that ring true to Bitvore’s mission.

“The primary design metaphor for enterprise products cannot be serendipity-driven in the hopes that the right information from a colleague or a software application that I care about will show up.”

“You can hardly tell your boss that you missed an important update from him because you didn’t happen to be watching the stream.”

“So in other words, to make up for our technical inability to tame the information tsunami otherwise known as the social web, we placed a reverse chronological fire hose in front of users in the hope that she might just capture the few droplets that matter?”

This sounds like a problem in need of a system that watches many streams 24×7 and extracts the signal from the noise automatically.