How do major wealth management companies stay vigilant on current holdings while growing their portfolios?   Hire more analysts?  Reduce the amount of research time per bond?

Yes, this company could have reduced the amount of time analyzing material intelligence in favor of increasing holdings but sacrificing quality for quantity was not an option.  Instead, it adopted Bitvore’s Obligor Intelligence.

Rather than wasting hours manually searching for relevant articles in a sea of information, Bitvore delivers targeted news fast.

Monitoring 8,000 bonds for over 2,200 clients is no longer a problem. Bitvore monitors current holdings, giving analysts and portfolio managers more time to expand client portfolios.

“Any company that has a significant number of holdings benefits.  It’s about scaling up holdings without sacrificing quality.”

With Bitvore’s Obligor Intelligence, success isn’t meeting the status quo— success is surpassing it.

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