Bitvore Announces Availability of New Corporate Daily Briefs

The New Corporate Daily Briefs extend the popular free Public Sector Daily Briefs, providing key corporate material business events for better decision making

Irvine, CA – Feb 20, 2019 – Bitvore today announced the availability of three new free Corporate Daily Briefs focused on identification of Facilities, Labor and C-level Executive/Board changes. These new Daily Briefs are the first Corporate Daily Briefs offered by Bitvore and they extend the popular Public Sector Daily Brief set. The new briefs identify three key material business events for hundreds of thousands of public and private companies with 10 million or more in annual revenue across North America.

“Our Muni Daily Briefs have been extremely popular with the buy-side and sell-side of the municipal market,” said Jeff Drake, CEO, Bitvore.  “These new Corporate Daily Briefs focus on surveillance of hundreds of thousands of companies in world news and identification of three key business signals that can make sales and marketing outreach more effective, driving increased sales and customer retention.”

The new Corporate Daily Briefs details:

  • Corporate C-Level Exec and Board Changes. Covers C-level executives or board members joining or leaving a company/board of directors.
  • Corporate Labor Changes. Identifies a variety of salient topics related to a company’s employees, including furloughs, hiring, layoffs, labor contracts, strikes, pay increases, union issues, etc.
  • Corporate Facilities Changes. Covers company facilities changes such as leasing, opening, closing, expanding or renovating a facility.

The briefs, which are delivered via a daily email, can be accessed at:

The new Corporate Daily Briefs are built on the Bitvore Precision News API, which provides continuous surveillance of public and private companies and municipal obligors, allowing business analysts to make better decisions, faster. Using proprietary AI techniques to analyze unstructured data from 300,000 global sources of world news and information, Bitvore eliminates manual googling, web scraping and sifting through noisy feeds from other digital news providers. Bitvore precisely identifies 85 corporate material business events, referred to as business signals, that have impact on the bottom of a company. This signal-driven intelligence provides triggers for sales, asset managers, and others to optimize their performance.

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