Bitvore Announces Availability of Cellenus® ESG Dataset

Irvine, CA – January 19, 2021Bitvore, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligence for financial institutions, today announced availability of a new Cellenus Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dataset.

ESG refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies in terms of return and risk. While other ESG ratings solutions rely on what companies say they do in their corporate documents and statements, Bitvore’s continuously updated ESG signals and scoring are derived from over 60K quality unstructured data sources (including news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earnings call transcripts and more), and identify what nearly 400k public and private companies are actually doing in relation to ESG.

“We’re excited to announce our new Bitvore Cellenus ESG Dataset,” said Jeff Drake, CEO, Bitvore. “Our ESG signals and scoring will allow our financial customers to better assess companies for ESG-related risk based on material events rather than company statements.”

The Cellenus ESG dataset is derived from more than 60K unique unstructured data sources, including both publicly available and licensed subscription sources. Using machine learning models and NLP, Bitvore derives 41 unique ESG signals, allowing customers to quickly identify specific ESG topics of interest such as GHG emissions, Diversity & Inclusion, Product Safety & Quality, Cybersecurity and more. In addition to the continuously updated ESG signals, sentiment scoring is also available at the article level and for companies based on a 90-day rolling average. Easy concordance of customer portfolios can be achieved  leveraging FactSet IDs, SEDOL and FIGI identifiers, as well as CUSIP/ISIN.

Many ESG data providers focus only on gathering and analyzing company’s published statements and sustainability reports. While this internal view can be helpful, it only indicates what a company says it does. To understand what companies are actually doing related to ESG, Bitvore’s Cellenus platform performs continuous, AI-powered analysis of unstructured data sources, linking the right companies to specific ESG events or signals and deriving ESG sentiment scores so our customers can quickly identify emerging risk and opportunity related to ESG.

Bitvore’s ESG dataset is accessible via API and file downloads.

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