Indexing and attribution policies

Bitvore is an Application-Specific Search System

Bitvore Policies for Indexing Sites and Attribution

Thank you for allowing Bitvore to index your site.  We ask that you please continue to allow us to index your site in the same way you allow other major search engines to discover and index your content.

We respect robot.txt instructions and provide attribution to your work.  We display the title, source links and short summary of your page to our users.  The live source links open directly onto your pages.  We drive new visits and pageviews to you, supporting your methods of monetization.

Your site is among several thousand sources that contain important information of interest to our users.  Bitvore is a type of search engine that gathers and presents specific categories of timely information to our users.   Bitvore is focused on topics such as local governments, operation of public entities, and corporate finance.  Our users have referred to our service as “Google Alerts on Steroids”.

Should you have any questions, regarding Bitvore, please do not hesitate to contact us in California at 866-869-5151, or


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