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Continuous, Quantified & Connected Intelligence on Businesses of the World

It is no secret that news moves markets. In today’s information heavy world, investors who can more rapidly process and act on events affecting their portfolios will maintain a competitive edge. Moreover, investors with superior predictive models will outperform peers. Bitvore’s global universe of coverage delivers precise, machine-readable and normalized content to fuel insights complimenting both quantitative and fundamental models.

Unlike paid news services, where you must invent ways to remove all the junk and identify the nuggets, Bitvore does this for you to deliver clean, highly-refined intelligence that precisely tags the events, companies involved and the moment the change occurs.

90% of time-sensitive market-moving event information begins as unstructured data, primarily news, blogs and social media.   Bitvore converts this unstructured information into normalized, consistently structured, time-ordered event data that is linked to the most popular asset IDs and symbology (tickers, CUSIPs, ISINs, URLs, and Lat/Long).  With the normalized and connected datasets, you can seamlessly link to internal data models and applications.   In compliment to historical data, Bitvore’s real-time API’s continuously deliver trigger events to breathe life into your analytics and recommendation engines.

Bitvore Alternative Investment Datasets

  • Middle market / private company event data linked to URL
  • Public company event data linked to Ticker or ISIN
  • Economic impact events linked to US City, US County, Country or Lat/Long
  • Municipal bond event data linked to CUSIP (3 years of history is available)
  • Environmental, Social & Governance policies and events linked to Ticker, ISIN, URL (coming soon)
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Bitvore’s AI Powers our Alternative Investment Data

Faster results from data science and business teams:

  1. Normalized unstructured data speeds up data science teams to reach goals
  2. Assets identifiers and geolocation are tagged to connect with portfolio analysis and financial models
  3. Continuous time-tagged data records sync to predictive and prescriptive analytics
  4. Human-friendly evidence supports findings and interrogations into data
  5. Trusted by the leading asset managers, banks and rating agencies.

Bitvore datasets are consistently formatted and normalized for integration into your models.  The dataset includes time stamps, entity, symbology, event type, title, snippits, URL to original media and geocoding information.    Entities in the available datasets span 130,000 corporations globally including public companies and middle market companies over $50M in revenue.   Events impacting city, county and state economics are also available.  The event types are based on over 500 different signals derived from buy-side, sell-side and ratings analysts.

Bitvore’s AI continuously monitors 88,000 sources of news and government filings to detect business signals and material events likely to impact company and organization balance sheets.  The data is available as historical datasets and as real-time detected events for the specific assets and companies in your portfolio.

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