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As chief executives go, Jeff’s a curious one. Not curious as in “odd,” but curious as in “love of discovery.” Jeff loves exploring new markets and working with high performance teams to bring products to them. An engineer and entrepreneur with a knack for both tech and people, Jeff eventually found himself in management but still holding on to his geeky side. A self-confessed science and technology junkie with three patents under his belt, there’s nothing he finds more irresistible than finding the solution to supposedly impossible challenges.

Adding a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is Misguided

It seems like an obvious idea - the Chief Data Officer who is 'in-charge' of the information assets of a company.   As opposed to the Chief Information Officer who cares more about the mechanisms that move the information around. Gartner says the title CDO is increasingly common.  We think [...]

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Bitvore Makes Entrepreneur’s List of 4 Most Important AI Technologies for Businesses

We are very excited that our technology is being acknowledged as a real world application of AI that makes businesses more competitive. The global marketplace is racing towards intelligent automation and it is our mission to partner with organizations that are serious about modernizing along with it. Here is the [...]

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Bitvore’s AI Featured in Huffington Post – 20 Oct 2016

This is a great article that recognizes Bitvore's point of view on applying AI to empower business executives.  If you've been following Bitvore's success in the financial services sector, you will learn about other applications of our technology in sales and consulting.   The article does a nice job explaining our [...]

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$50B AUM Wealth Management Firm Experiences the Power of Bitvore’s Obligor Intelligence

How do major wealth management companies stay vigilant on current holdings while growing their portfolios?   Hire more analysts?  Reduce the amount of research time per bond? Yes, this company could have reduced the amount of time analyzing material intelligence in favor of increasing holdings but sacrificing quality for quantity was [...]

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Breckinridge Leverages Bitvore for Competitive Advantage

Breckinridge Capital Advisors is a Boston-based investment advisor managing high grade fixed-income portfolios for institutions and private clients. Managing separately managed accounts well required Breckinridge to move beyond delayed and limited EMMA filings, and with more accuracy and lower overhead than general purpose news clipping services and Google Alerts.  Breckinridge needed [...]

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Investortools and Bitvore bring proactive portfolio monitoring into Perform®

Now, get the benefit of Bitvore's proactive alerts inside your portfolio management workflow. Investortools and Bitvore have partnered together to bring new proactive intelligence to financial institutions.  Through this partnership, Investortools clients receive proactive, precision intelligence about changing situations in their fixed income portfolios inside the Investortools Perform® portfolio management system.  Already [...]

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3 Reasons Why We Created the Bitvore API

In the software world APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are increasingly common.  APIs are the means for one piece of software to utilize the services offered by another piece of software.  In the financial industry today, APIs are less common than in Silicon Valley.  In my opinion, this is primarily due [...]

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What is Material Intelligence and other FAQs (Part II)

This is Part II of our FAQ.   We hope you find it useful. 1. Can you explain the term ‘material intelligence?’ ‘Material’ information is information that matters to you and your company – something that makes a ‘material’ impact. And of course, ‘intelligence’ is about insight, information and data. [...]

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What’s a Bitvore and other FAQs (Part I)

Bitvorians are an unabashedly curious bunch.  We read constantly, work hard at networking (the people kind) and never met a question we didn’t like.  Interviews?  Can’t resist.  Surveys?  Count us in.  FAQs?  We like to read those first. Yes, it was only a matter of time, dear reader, when we addressed [...]

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Generating ALPHA – How Wealth Managers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

We love a good study. Better still when it’s combined with surveys and statistics galore. So, we were thrilled to come across this highly relevant and fact-filled survey from Bonaire of global asset managers, which delivered the following findings: “The need for product innovation to differentiate in a crowded marketplace [...]

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