About Jeff Curie

Jeff Curie is the President of Bitvore Corp, a provider of A.I.-based products that identify risk and opportunity for professionals in the financial, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Mr. Curie is a technology entrepreneur focused on leveraging emerging technologies to offer effective solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

Quantified Munis: Visualizing The Education Sector

Since it is back to school season, today's visualization decomposes the market of muni obligors offering bonds in the Education Sector. The Education Sector is one of the top two sectors in terms of number of obligors offering bonds and also holdings of CUSIPs by institutional investors.  The other being [...]

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10 Most Funded Crowdfunded Projects of All Time

Starting a business requires multiple things. Patience, perseverance, and dedication are a few of the most common traits needed to be successful. Capital is the external factor that needs to be addressed for most entrepreneurs. While some businesses require low startup costs, others can have a substantial amount of money [...]

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AI Platform Trawls Internet for Bond Data

Platform is trained to act like a credit analyst. Bitvore is a “continuous analysis engine,” Jeff Curie, CEO of the firm, told ThinkAdvisor in an interview. It’s designed to “monitor information as it’s changing, and look for very specific things.” The platform is trained to act like a credit analyst, [...]

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Adding a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is Misguided

It seems like an obvious idea - the Chief Data Officer who is 'in-charge' of the information assets of a company.   As opposed to the Chief Information Officer who cares more about the mechanisms that move the information around. Gartner says the title CDO is increasingly common.  We think [...]

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$50B AUM Wealth Management Firm Experiences the Power of Bitvore’s Obligor Intelligence

How do major wealth management companies stay vigilant on current holdings while growing their portfolios?   Hire more analysts?  Reduce the amount of research time per bond? Yes, this company could have reduced the amount of time analyzing material intelligence in favor of increasing holdings but sacrificing quality for quantity was [...]

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