Bitvore AI Platform

Continuous, precision intelligence from unstructured information about businesses through patented machine learning processes


Proactive Intelligence from Continuous Machine Learning

Bitvore's patented cloud-based AI factory uses massive data collection and hundreds of trained AI models to produce unprecedented precision intelligence about material changes to the businesses of the world.

Key Innovations

Quantify intelligence from unstructured information

Accurately detect material changes in companies and markets

Continuous harvesting of internet data on global scale

AI that is trained by industry experts and hundreds of millions of samples

Easily connect to your systems and processes through precise, normalized identities

Private companies & URLs
Public companies & tickers
Material changes surveilled
CUSIPs correlated
Sources of Information

Non-Stop Precision Intelligence Generation

Bitvore's non-stop architecture continuously sweeps the Internet and market filing sites for breaking information.   Hundreds of analyzers, each trained for a specific job, examine and enhance the information in flight.   Information is extracted, quantified and normalized using a variety of custom-tuned Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical techniques.  Results are stored in time-ordered and graph data structures for analytics support.

Precision Through Expert Training and Large Datasets

Bitvore is designed to automate the task of reading unstructured text and prose without missing anything and with a very low error rate.   To deliver our unprecedented accuracy and breadth of coverage, Bitvore's hundreds of AI processes are continuously examined and retrained through a closed-loop training environment supported by cross-functional teams of domain experts and data scientist using a proprietary process and supervised algorithm training environment.   Over the course of four years of continuous production operations and customer feedback, Bitvore has amassed training sets well in excess of 100 million records with nearly 10 million new training records being added each quarter.

Connected Information

Data from Bitvore connects people and software processes.  As a critical element, Bitvore provides accurate connection points to existing applications, processes and models.   To accomplish this, Bitvore's AI and APIs tag and access the information using core common identifiers used across the industry.  Using these identifiers, Bitvore information can be connected directly to existing portfolio management, CRM, Vendor Risk Management and mobile applications.   Bitvore supports the following common identifiers:

  • CUSIP - intelligence is correlated to CUSIP-9s for connection to portfolio management and trading
  • Ticker - intelligence on public companies is connected to trading symbols for fast understanding and integration
  • URLs - identified companies are connected by URL to seamlessly link Bitvore to software in research, vendor management and sales CRM
  • Lat/Long - Analyze intelligence in specific geographic locations to understand regional economic issues, real estate, and concentration risk

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