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Our Board of Directors

David Mandel – Co-Founder and Chairman

Mr. Mandel is an active entrepreneur and tech investor that holds patents in data visualization.  Prior to founding Bitvore, he was a seed investor in Broadcom, Access360 (acquired by IBM) and Fulcrum Microsystems (acquired by Intel). Mr. Mandel was also lead investor for Innovent Systems (acquired by Broadcom).

Yuri Pikover

Mr. Pikover has over 25 years experience in the development, capitalization and growth of emerging technology companies and is currently an active board member and investor in a series of technology companies. Prior roles include Chairman & CEO of, FLN, Access360, co-founder and EVP of Xylan, and a board member of several startups.

Jeff Drake

Mr. Drake was the Founder and VP of Business Development at Access360, acquired by IBM, and SOA Software.  He was CEO of SecondVoice.  Mr. Drake brings 25 years of business development and strategic alliance experience in the technology arena, predominately focused on startup companies. He has formulated strategic alliances with companies such as VeriSign, Oracle, EMC, Microsoft and IBM.

Bob Hawk

Mr. Hawk has had several CEO-level leadership positions at major telecommunications companies and has guided over twenty private companies through financings and initial public offerings.  Bob was formerly President and CEO of U.S. West Multimedia Communications, Inc. and Director of Advanced Systems Development for ATT/American Bell.  He is currently a partner with Doll Capital Management (DCM).

Jeff Curie

Mr. Curie is the Chief Executive and President of Bitvore.  Mr. Curie has been an executive team member with several startups focused on business-to-business solutions including Access360, sold to IBM, and SupplyFrame.  Mr. Curie was the Chief Strategist of Identity Management for IBM and General Manager for ARINC, a $400M consulting company. Mr. Curie is an active member of the SoCal technology startup community and holds several patents.


Bill O’Shea

Mr. O’Shea has spent his career in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of information systems. He was the former President AT&T Bell Labs, former CTO Lucent, former CEO NCR, former CEO of Lucent’s Enterprise Networks Group now known as Avaya.

Carl Mandel

Mr. Mandel is Bitvore’s co-founder and a board observer. He is a seed investor in Broadcom and Access360 with multiple exits in other startups.  Mr. Mandel has extensive experience with data/info visualization and has several patents.