Grow commercial loan portfolios while minimizing risk with signal-driven intelligence

Bitvore Precision Intelligence helps you identify new loan opportunities and more effectively manage risk with less time-consuming and costly manual effort


Bitvore Precision Intelligence eliminates time-consuming manual effort

A recent study by FIS identified the top issues facing bank executives in commercial lending as growing loans and risk management challenges. From identification of new loan opportunities to signal-driven continuous default risk management, Bitvore’s continuous surveillance helps commercial lenders grow their loan portfolios while proactively identifying risk.

Bitvore Precision Intelligence for Commercial Lending provides continuous surveillance of businesses, providing precision intelligence so commercial loan relationship managers can identify new prospects and opportunities in existing customers, while continuously monitoring portfolio risk. Using proprietary AI techniques to analyze unstructured data from global sources of world news and information, Bitvore eliminates time-consuming manual googling, web scraping and sifting through noisy feeds from other digital news providers. And with a recent Aite Group study concluding that 78% of relationship managers and underwriters spend only 51% of their time on core job responsibilities, eliminating manual effort is crucial to increasing efficiency. Delivered through alert emails, a UI, or a comprehensive API, Bitvore Precision News is easy to integrate with your CRM or Portfolio Management system. With Bitvore Precision News, you get:

Create heatmaps of industry business signal sentiment by geo location

Create heatmaps of industry signal sentiment against geography to identify opportunities

  • Low latency coverage of 299,000 national, local and industry sources
  • Precise identification of material changes in businesses
  • Correlation of entity IDs (e.g., tickers, URLs) between your systems and Bitvore
  • 24x7 proactive alerting and historical queries
  • More than 232,000 public and private companies who generate $50M or more in yearly revenue (mid-market and larger)
  • Bitvore will add any company in your loan portfolio and enable surveillance, regardless of yearly revenue size
  • Material business news tagged with 19 business signals (e.g., legal issues) and 85 sub-signals (e.g., judgements & settlements)
  • Query by company, portfolio, date, revenue range, employee range, company headquarters geo location, article geo location, industry, signal, sub-signal, significance and text search (over title and body of news articles)
  • Queries return article title, article snippet, article URL, date, companies involved, signal, sub-signal, article geo location, article sentiment and significance



Precision Intelligence Across the Lifecycle of Commercial Lending

through the power of Artificial Intelligence

  • Signal-driven surveillance to identify new opportunities with existing customers and identify new customers
  • Quantified signal data for industries and geo locations help build compelling pitch books.
  • Surveil businesses, geo locations and industries throughout underwriting to help determine risk level of granting a loan.
  • Synchronize existing loan portfolios and get continuous, signal-driven surveillance to minimize risk.
  • Enhance your Early Warning System (EWS) default models with continuously updated and quantified business, geo location and industry signal data (and corresponding sentiment) to generate automated alerts when a loan needs review due to high default risk

Generate More Opportunities with Triggers Unique to Commercial Lending

Here are some common examples of the more popular triggers that can open a window of opportunity for commercial lending.  Bitvore provides dozens of material business signals you need, selectable by company, location, revenue and more.  Synchronize Bitvore with your CRM to automatically surveil prospects and territories for your relationship managers.

  1. New Executives.  A newly hired member of the C-suite has ample authority and the desire to shake things up. Since they are looking to prove their value quickly they're more open to fresh ideas than most business leaders. It's a perfect time for your pitch.
  2. Company Expansion.  A new office location necessitates a glut of new supplies and services. This can be a primary up-sell or introduction opportunity.
  3. Company Relocation.  A relocated office is essentially a new office. See above.
  4. New Product/Service Announcement.  By rolling out a new product or service, a company is venturing into uncharted territory.
  5. Competitive Product/Service Announcement.  Maybe a competitor beat your prospect to the punch with a new announcement, or even stole their thunder entirely. You can be sure that if a rival made a bold move, your prospect will be looking to make a bold response. If you can help in that aim, your message will be welcome.
  6. Major Competitive Move.  This includes any significant activity that falls outside the bounds of a product launch, like a new marketing campaign, piece of advertising, customer win, or leadership change. When one player moves, competitors won't be far behind.
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions.   The coming together of two organizations is a golden chance to earn add-on revenue. Spread the use of your product or service if one party is already a customer or get an initial foot in the door during a time of new beginnings.

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