For Consultancies: Know Your Customer (KYC)

Build better relationships with deep insights into your customers.


Better Insights Into Your Customers Means Better Relationships.

The Problem - Your clients depend on you to help them through important business events and to understand them across their sometimes large and confusing organizations.  Piecing together information from multiple data providers is very time consuming and often there is conflicting information across different data sources.  It’s essential that you arm your relationships managers and consultants with reliable information about current and prospective clients.

The Solution - Bitvore Cellenus tracks and monitors over 500,000 private and public companies globally with over $10 Million in annual revenues, correlating to these entities important data from the news, filings, press releases, earnings transcripts and various other unstructured data sources. In a turn-key solution, your relationship managers and consultants have a research platform to understand historical and current business activities, without needing to read endless articles to filter through relevant ones.    This allows your teams to focus on revenue generating activities and it takes away the drudgery of manual research.


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