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Precision Intelligence on Businesses of the World

Information is Power.  Surface the hidden changes in Prospects, Competitors, Suppliers & Investments

Never miss an opportunity with personalized, precise and proactive intelligence about businesses.

Bitvore is expanding to monitor companies – both public and private.  We make it simple to track the companies important to you. Bitvore gives you the meat of important changes, cutting away the firehose of irrelevant and often duplicative articles that drown most news and intelligence service.

You will receive simple, clear, unblinking surveillance over important changes in the specific companies that you care about.   Bitvore can track them all – investments, prospects, suppliers, and customers.

  • Your Daily Brief is your first 10-minute Must-Read of the day
  • Personalized reports on specific companies you care about
  • Consistent, crystal-clear information about material changes
  • Stay sharp with alerts & ‘instant expert’ reports on demand
  • Monitors over 15,000 sources of news, filings and research

Join our Beta program and try our precise, personalized, and searchable intelligence that is easily shared within teams and across the company.  You’ll quickly realize why our customers switch from using consumer Google Alerts and news readers to gather corporate intelligence.

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Refined on Wall Street and now coming to everyone. Spot opportunities for prospects and deal flow.  Stay in front of competitors and suppliers.

“Shockingly, few companies have an organized approach to keep executives up-to-date with changes that impact the company.  Today’s norm is word-of-mouth and ‘every person for themselves’.  No government operates so blindly – why do businesses?”

~Jeff Curie, CEO Bitvore Corp.

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