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Deceptively Simple, Incredibly Powerful

Bitvore turns monster data streams into searchable concepts as fast as you can think

Data exploration and discovery for real people

If you’re a computer scientist looking to geek out on big data buzzwords, you’re probably in the wrong place. Bitvore’s designed for business users more interested in uncovering answers than adding to their tech jargon dictionary. But don’t confuse the lack of lingo with a lack of power, flexibility or ease of use, because as data discovery and exploration platforms go, Bitvore has it all and then some. We’d just rather impress you with Bitvore’s abilities rather than techno-wiz terminology. Here’s a breakdown of how Bitvore works:

The Platform

Bitvore’s a cloud-based platform built on top of a non-stop, real time data collection and processing engine. It can scale up or down, ingest new data sources and keep chowing through nearly unlimited quantities of data without so much as a hiccup. What’s that mean to you? It means you can ignore the intricacies of techy architectural stuff like HBase, Hadoop, MapReduce, SQL, and virtual private clusters and just focus on generating results. Naturally, as a cloud platform it scales from an application, to a few departments to a full enterprise scale without buying a single box.  Plug-in a torrent of data, or just a small stream, keep it for a long time or just a few days, Bitvore’s infinitely flexible that way.


Think of Bitvore’s data intake as an insatiable monster. It’ll eat anything and everything you throw at it as fast as you can feed it. Collectors are how we feed Bitvore. The system comes with numerous Collectors out of the box — email, RSS feeds, HTML/websites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing search results, SQL databases, and even the output of other Bitvore instances. You can also easily create your new Collectors for any other data sources you like and add them to Bitvore without ever stopping Bitvore. Just turn on the new Collector and Bitvore will start consuming that new data right along with the old. All of these Collectors continuously feed Bitvore who happily stores both the original data and passes a mashed together amalgam on to its Analyzers.


Bitvore’s Data Analyzers do the heavy work of digesting the data, breaking it down into simpler components (parsing and interpreting), and adding metadata or “tags” that both enrich the information by adding context and make it faster and easier to explore and discover what’s contained within it. Sounds complicated but if you can use Google Adwords then you can create an Analyzer.  Bitvore’s Analyzers come in many forms to tackle different problems including Natural Language Processors for extracting concepts like people or company names, Sentiment and Qualitative Analyzers for cataloging comments, reactions and feelings, and Logical Expression Analyzers that let you create analyzers using search-like queries such as “name=John Smith” AND “city=Chicago” AND “real estate=buy”. You can also create new Analyzers to do everything from predictive analysis to unearthing insights specifically tailored to your requirements or interests. More significantly, because Bitvore’s Analyzers are always running and simultaneously analyzing both data already on the system as well as new incoming data, Analyzers can discover trends in real time and kick off a new Collector to start feeding it data based on that.  Change your mind or come up with a new idea, no problem.   A new analyzer can be kicked off at any time to crunch back through all your original data and examine anything fresh that’s arriving.   Simple, iterative, and powerful.

Discover and Explore

Beyond sheer power and scalability, Bitvore is also designed to be incredibly flexible — to work the way you do, not the other way around. The Bitvore front end is pure HTML5 so it runs the same way no matter whether you’re on your computer, tablet or smartphone. And forget crowded interfaces that look like a 747’s cockpit. Bitvore’s screens are clean, elegant and a breeze to master. More importantly, Bitvore handles all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, tagging and scoring your data and serving it up in ways that make sense to you, not some software engineer. Bitvore lets you focus on exploring the data and gleaning insights instead of learning the arcane arts of data warehousing, KPIs and complicated analytics systems.

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