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Bitvore in Perform®

Evaluate your portfolio holdings inside Investortools Perform® and CreditScope®

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Add proactive intelligence to your portfolio management system

If you use Investortools Perform® or CreditScope®, Bitvore intelligence is available to proactively alert you to important changes happening in your holdings.

Bitvore in Perform® tightly integrates the portfolio management features and workflows of Perform® with the correlated changes detected by Bitvore at the individual CUSIP and holding level.   Slice through the most impactful news using criteria such as par values, ratings, and geographic location.  Click for Pricing.

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Access requires a license to Investortools Perform®.   Properly licensed users of CreditScope® also benefit from the integration by accessing the news about any holding in the portfolio directly from within CreditScope®.

A subscriber to Bitvore in Perform® enjoys the benefits of portfolio monitoring and reporting within Perform® in addition to Bitvore’s proactive email alerts and web-based research. The choice to use one or more of these options is yours.

Add Bitvore for Munis and Bitvore in Perform® to your existing Investortools purchase agreements by contacting your Investortools client service team.