Precision news for media monitoring and curation

Automate curation and surveillance with precision news about businesses and material events.


Precise quantified news for curation and machine learning

Engaging an audience at a profit means sourcing, curation and analysis must have access to comprehensive digital content that has been cleaned of junk and noise.  Unlike traditional news feeds, our AI-driven feeds identify and tag material business changes along with digital connection points for quick integration into smart workflows, product enhancement and machine learning. Clean, tagged and normalized news events can be routed to the right teams, product features and machine learning models.

Bitvore's AI-driven intelligence feeds identify specific businesses, material changes, geographies and economic drivers with normalized, quantified enhancements for rapid consumption and software-driven decisions.

Junk Removed
Tagged in New Events
Material event types
Sources of News Events
Monitored Continuously

Results Delivered

with the power of Artificial Intelligence

At-scale surveillance

With AI, it's simple to spot a single important change within a firehose of 299,000 sources.

Precise tagging

Enhanced metadata tags the material changes, exact company impacted and location.

Intelligence when you need it

Bitvore's continuous processing means you get the material business news you need to make decisions fast

Scaling sourcing, analysis and curation

Key Problems in Unlocking External Intelligence

  • Teams lack the time to monitor the comprehensive sources of local, regional and sector news in the world today
  • Less than 2% of all news postings are relevant or material
  • News events are reported as unstructured text limiting their analysis and consumption to human readers
  • News needs consistent, normalized tagging for intelligent filtering, measuring, sorting and delivery to CMS, workflows or algorithms

External events are key elements to a proactive organization.   You need to deliver essential and engaging news while meeting ambitious profit targets, enhance your knowledge for decision-making, and trigger prescriptive processes.  That’s a daunting problem in today’s disrupted media world of hundreds of thousands of news sources, bloggers and social media.

Solving the problem requires specialized processes to gather the news in a timely way, clean out the junk, duplication and similar results, then enhance and normalize the information so that specific material events can be integrated into software processes.

The days of manually reading everything you can in a day or focusing a team of interns to google all day long have come to an end.   Neither approach is complete or cost effective.  Neither approach provided the precision and enhancements required to use the information in smart workflows or algorithms.

Based on years of production usage on Wall Street and the power of cloud-based AI processes, you can now access exactly the material events you need in a digital form to drive proactive processes and algorithms.

Put Bitvore to Work

The Bitvore AI already monitors a global set of over 232,000 companies with over $50M in revenue, encompassing large multi-nationals down to private mid-market companies.  Coverage is 24x7 with a minimum latency from publication to arriving on your desk or into your CMS.

A few hours from now you could be receiving proactive, precise news to your exact specifications.  You choose the content you need by choosing characteristics of the companies such as size, location and industry, or chose the specific companies you want to track.   Bitvore makes it effective to surveil thousands of companies or an entire industry sector.


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