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 A.I. Surveillance of Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

Now You Can Personally Track All the Important Changes Happening in Hundreds or Thousands of Businesses and Munis.   Your AI Assistant Makes Sure You Know Everything. 

Personalized to You. Linked to your portfolio by CUSIP or ticker, Bitvore’s A.I. watches over each company and asset you care about by slicing through the world’s alternative investment information and filings.  Get Bitvore and immediately receive early warnings of financially impactful events in each company that drives returns from your portfolio.

Surveil Companies in Public MarketsTrack Private Companies
High Yield BondsDirect Lending
Investment Grade BondsSyndicated Debt
Municipal BondsPrivate Placements

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Proactive, Precise & Personalized Results Delivered with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Always be first. Never be surprised.

In the time you enjoy your morning coffee, you can review every new piece of material intelligence in your entire portfolio

  • Watch 100’s of tickers, CUSIPs, private companies, with ease
  • Proactive, concentrated intelligence.
  • Matched to your world

Bitvore’s AI eliminates virtually all junk, spam and duplication.  You get comprehensive, clean and impactful intelligence you can review in just minutes a day.


If you don’t know, you can’t act.

Surveil private and public companies

In one click, see a 360-degree view of the world around you.  Your investments.  Your suppliers.  Your customers.

  • Organize your portfolios as you see fit.
  • Drill into any company quickly.
  • There’s no junk in Bitvore.  Precise.

All of Bitvore’s intelligence is also available to development teams through our API.  Query Bitvore by portfolio, CUSIP, ticker, date and more.  Read more about Bitvore’s development API.

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