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Current Intelligence on Businesses and Munis by CUSIP, Ticker and URL

Surveil 200 or 2,000 individual businesses or munis with ease.  Bitvore accurately tracks over 100,000 business entities today.  Integrate Bitvore intelligence into your applications by calling on our powerful API.   Synchronize portfolios and large sets of companies, then let Bitvore serve up the latest intelligence about each business.  Integrate the results into your application by CUSIP, ticker, URL, PermID and more.

CUSIP tagged record from Bitvore API

De-duplicated, junk-free business intelligence is returned with time stamps and tagged with company impacted, geography, industry sector, source and more.

Bitvore’s API is designed to integrate into portfolio management, trading, compliance, CRM and vendor management systems.

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Bitvore API is Powered by Our A.I. Engine

Need Continuous, Up-to-Date Intelligence?

Track Businesses

  • Publicly traded companies
  • Mid-market companies
  • Hot startups

Track Public Entities

  • Hospitals
  • U.S. Infrastructure
  • U.S. Municipal Governments
  • Education Systems

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