One Clear Email Covers Your Vital EMMA Alerts

New intelligent service consolidates EMMA alerts. Replaces hundreds of vague emails with one clear email.

Actual Example of MSRB EMMA Alert Consolidation (click to zoom)

MSRB EMMA Alert Consolidation Example

MSRB EMMA material events are important – but, ugh, that pile of obscure alerts takes hundreds of clicks to investigate.  No longer.

Now that pile of alerts in your inbox is replaced with one self-explanatory email that can be reviewed in a few seconds.  Bitvore’s EMMA consolidator, filters critical events from routine filings automatically and replaces cryptic titles with clear explanations of the event.  Best of all, each event is matched precisely to your portfolio.

  • Consolidate your vital EMMA events into a single, clear email
  • Separates the Must-Know from the routine updates
  • Each event type is spelled out clearly
  • Clicks open directly to the MSRB page for the specific issue
  • Integrated along side the precision material news from Bitvore

Bitvore’s EMMA alert consolidator is in beta testing.   It saves you time by automatically separating vital material event filings from the routine, cryptic filings alerts that clog up your email accounts.  Below are the material event filings that are included in the consolidated emails from Bitvore as part of the Bitvore beta test phase.  Bitvore does not cover all event filing from the MSRB EMMA and is not recommended as a replacement for compliance and audit purposes.

Events included:

  • Principal / Interest Payment Delinquency
  • Non-payment Related Default
  • Litigation / Enforcement Action
  • Merger / Consolidation / Acquisition and Sale of All or Substantially All Assets
  • Communication From the Internal Revenue Service
  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Receivership or Similar Event
  • Adverse Tax Opinion or Event Affecting the Tax-exempt Status of the Security
  • Unscheduled Draw on Credit Enhancement Reflecting Financial Difficulties
  • Unscheduled Draw on Debt Service Reserve Reflecting Financial Difficulties
  • Capital or Other Financing Plan,
  • Substitution of Credit or Liquidity Provider, or Its Failure to Perform
  • Amendment to Continuing Disclosure Undertaking
  • Change of Tender Agent, Remarketing Agent or Other On-going Party
  • Defeasance
  • Notice to Investor Pursuant to Bond Documents
  • Release, Substitution or Sale of Property (Securing Repayment of the Security) – (already in system)
  • Substitution of Credit or Liquidity Provider, or Its Failure to Perform (already in system)
  • Tender Offer / Secondary Market Purchases

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