Partner with Bitvore to enhance your platform or to add value to your existing data sets.

Bitvore Cellenus® data sets enhance the value your solutions provide to customers.


Increase the Value of Your Platform or Data Sets.

Whether you’re looking to use Bitvore Cellenus in your platform, collaborate on a solution or include your datasets in our solutions, partnerships are key to how we create innovative solutions and winning go-to-market strategies. Examples of typical collaborations:

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  • Offer Bitvore Cellenus data to your client base through a distribution agreement. Give your clients access to daily downloadable files or our various APIs for company sentiment, growth, risk, thematic news trends and business signals along with user-friendly product documentation. Bitvore offers a turn-key solution to data marketplaces along with the relevant go-to-market support to train your teams.
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  • If you have a dataset that provides leading indicators of company growth or risk, we want to speak with you! Our data sourcing teams work closely with many partners to identify how we can enrich our datasets and scoring with meaningful data.  We work with both licensed and public unstructured data through various arrangements, including: data subscriptions, redistribution arrangements and creating derivative data.
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  • Visualization tools are essential to making Bitvore Cellenus data sets relevant to customers. Some prefer to plug our data directly into their BI or CRM platforms to use our data alongside their proprietary company data. Bitvore offers historical and daily downloadable files in CSV format, along with user-friendly product documentation to make integration quick and easy.
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  • Whether you work in Financial Services or in a completely different industry, advancing the use of AI and Machine Learning to drive efficiency and growth is key to innovation and transformation. Talk to us if you would like to collaborate on a white paper or engage to solve a specific problem in your industry using AI and Machine Learning with unstructured data.  Some of our most effective solutions have come from cross-industry collaboration. We partner with analytics companies to improve our speed to market and are open to exploring white label solutions.

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