Proactive surveillance of supplier risk

Get early warnings of material changes within your suppliers, distributors and channel partners.

Take Control of Supplier Risk

It is no secret that the best way to cut risk is to spot emerging problems early.  The higher the risk, the more focused you need to be and the faster you need to act.

With Bitvore, staying on top of material changes in a 1,000 company ecosystem of suppliers and partners is simple and effective, giving you the opportunity to act while there are options.  Failing to be proactive and vigilant comes with company-damaging and career-ending risks.

Avoiding supply, public relations and investor headaches starts with systematic oversight across your suppliers and vendors.   The spectrum of issues to be monitored has exploded from criminal acts, political and activist issues, environmental and governance problems to competitive changes.    

Bitvore AI driven surveillance can help you quickly monitor your supply chains.

Supplier Risk

Results Delivered

with the power of Artificial Intelligence

At-scale surveillance

Automated intelligent surveillance over complex ecosystems of suppliers, distributors, sales partners and competitors.

Precise surveillance of your ecosystem

Track hundreds of possible events that can impact your suppliers' health or reflect on your own brand reputation.

Automated syncing of your surveillance targets

Sync Bitvore surveillance to your internal systems to automatically adjust as companies join and leave your supply chain ecosystem.

Key Challenges Solved with Automated Risk Surveillance

Bitvore AI uncovers the hidden insights in unstructured information and links them to the companies and organizations that you depend on. Bitvore monitors a full spectrum of signals that impact risk, including changes in a company's financial performance, legal issues, labor issues, mergers, environmental issues, human rights violations and governance issues.

  • The topics driving the risk landscape and regulations keep expanding
  • Companies are more interdependent than ever
  • Portfolios of investments and suppliers are constantly changing
  • Most business risk data is first surfaced in the news as easy to miss unstructured text

With precise and proactive surveillance of changing risks, it’s possible to go deeper into the stack of dependencies. It’s now efficient to proactively monitor how a product is made, who makes it, who uses it and who distributes it.

Understanding risk in vendors, customers and investments is no longer the simple financial check that it once was. To stay competitive in today’s hyper-competitive markets you must consider material changes to companies plus the potential impacts of disasters, geopolitical unrest, and regional economic risks.

While surveillance can always be outsourced, each company is, in the end, the leading expert on its own portfolios.



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