Bitvore Intelligence Platform – The Material Information Advantage

Your biggest database isn’t CRM, ERP or transactions – it’s the web itself.

The internet is an enormous flowing river of information, not a quiet lake of data. New information is constantly added and older information decays in value.

Bitvore is an intelligence gathering and analysis platform continuously harvesting wide swaths of data from the Internet and turn it into clean, organized intelligence that’s ready for use. The technology platform delivers an integrated stack of innovative, patented capabilities that are easy to use – without needing a team of programmers or data scientists.

Key innovations:

  1. Create quantifiable intelligence from unstructured information
  2. Provide interactive results for users and other applications
  3. Ingest a variety of information continuously and store for later use
  4. Analyze and adapt iteratively without changing original data
  5. Deliver value fast, without programming or data science skills

The Right Tools for the Job

Bitvore is in a class of its own with a fully integrated and expandable palette of analysis tools needed to turn unstructured information into intelligence and then correlate the intelligence to your specific business needs. While most Bitvore analyzers are easily configured by a business analyst, Bitvore is a laboratory for experimentation.  Advanced techniques and custom machine learning algorithms can be created and applied on the fly.

Off the shelf, Bitvore is trained to identify hundreds of important material business situations including mergers and acquisitions, financial updates, regulatory changes, legal issues, executive turnover, natural disasters and many more.  In addition, it deduces geographic locations and industry sectors, resolves aliases, identifies duplicate content and has advanced capabilities to suppress false positives.

Thousands of Bitvore analyzers can be created and run across the data – both as the data arrives and backwards in time for historical analysis.  To support iterative data exploration, analyzers can be created and redefined on-the-fly without pausing the continuous processing or restarting the system.

Some of the most commonly used analyzers include:

  • Keyword logic (similar to a Google Adwords campaign)
  • Regular Expression
  • Naive Bayesian
  • Vector Space
  • De-duplication
  • Geographic identification
  • Entity Extraction and Semantic Analysis

Handle a Variety of Information

The internet is full of data formats that contains valuable information. Bitvore locates and ingests information from many types of sources concurrently.

  • News Feeds
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Government Databases
  • Logs

Bitvore can be aimed both explicitly and topically.

  • Explicit collection: Define industry media sources, specific website, and social media accounts.
  • Topical guidance: Prime Bitvore’s crawling services with hundreds of keyword phrases and let Bitvore discover and ingest new sources.

Bitvore collectors are easily configured, often by simply providing a URL or ID of the target. Bitvore also is able to login to systems, where access is permitted, to integrate information from systems that require authorization. Using Bitvore’s collector API, new types of interfaces can be quickly added to support additional third-party or bespoke sources.

Material Intelligence at the Speed of Business

New information is constantly added to the Internet and Bitvore is continuously hungry for that information. Bitvore treats the Internet as a data flow, rather than a static database, vacuuming up information as it happens. All the pieces of information collected by Bitvore are time-ordered to power decisions using the latest information, including monitoring trends. Bitvore creates a timeline of emerging situations that can be viewed as they happen or used to review historical changes as far back in time as desired.

Try, Learn, Revise – Repeat

Bitvore is an iterative analysis environment.  When exploring information with the breadth of the Internet, it’s necessary to expect the unexpected.  Your projects will evolve as your understanding of what’s possible evolves, the Internet content is continuously changing at the same time as your business needs.  Bitvore allows you to adapt your analyses continuously, including using historical data.

The key to Bitvore’s flexibility is metadata.  While original data is maintained as immutable, metadata enhances the original data with pliable, iterative results from analysis.   Bitvore metadata can be queried interactively similar to a traditional database.

Create Order from Chaos

With millions of sources in many formats, the Internet is a chaotic set of information that is constantly changing. Bitvore metadata provides the flexible and interactive insight into the unstructured data.

An unlimited amount of metadata can be added, plus information can be maintained as long as desired. This allows Bitvore to establish the missing intelligence for your company in a repository that is continuously up-to-date, quickly expands in purpose, and grows richer over time to support new departments and evolving needs.

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