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Jeff Drake
Jeff DrakeCEO
Jeff Drake was the Founder and EVP of Business Development at Access360, acquired by IBM. As Founder at Access360 he worked to raise venture capital from a leading venture capital fund and also strategic investment from both Oracle and VeriSign. After the acquisition, he served as the Director of Software Security at IBM then was recruited to become the EVP of Business Development at Akana. Most recently, he was the EVP of Corporate Development at Servicemesh, which was acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC; mrkt cap $7B). Post acquisition by CSC he was the Director of Emerging Practices, and established business development programs that drove revenues for the CSC Cloud group. While at ServiceMesh, he was instrumental in raising venture capital from Ignition Partners and created strategic alliances with Dell, EMC, and Microsoft.
Mike Heberle
Mike HeberleVP Sales & Business Development
Long before he started quarterbacking our sales & business development team, Mike was the pad and helmet wearing kind at the University of Pittsburgh. While his play-calling days for Pitt might be over, he’s put his skills to use racking up wins with notable B2B enterprise software and SaaS companies ever since. A committed player with a strong desire to meet customer goals and a gift for building sales teams that do it, Mike’s not just our point man in the field, he’s also our go-to guy for important questions like “What is with Peyton Manning’s love for yelling ‘Omaha’?”
Greg Bolcer
Greg BolcerChief Technologist
Greg came of age in a time when personal computers were just beginning to remake the modern world. A geek with a bad boy streak, Greg was drawn to software development, not because he loved to code, but because it was the one place where he could push the limits and make his own rules. That wild west, anything goes attitude has driven him across two decades of bleeding edge work that began with his PhD work at UC Irvine leading DARPA funded research on Web standards and scalable computing and eventually led him into the world of venture funded startups where he’s remained ever since pushing boundaries and making his own rules.
Alan Chaney
Alan ChaneyChief Architect
Alan started down the technology path years before he knew anything about software. A guy who’s always been fascinated by how things work, he fed his curiosity by disassembling everything from clocks to motorcycles. When he learned that software offered the same sort of intellectual stimulation, but without the solder burns, he quickly changed his focus from re-wiring objects to writing code. During his career as an academic and entrepreneur Alan’s dedicated himself to reinventing everything from networked storage to streaming media, always focused on doing things better, faster and more elegantly than previously imagined.

Our Board of Directors

David Mandel – Co-Founder and Chairman

Mr. Mandel is an active entrepreneur and tech investor that holds patents in data visualization.  Prior to founding Bitvore, he was a seed investor in Broadcom, Access360 (acquired by IBM) and Fulcrum Microsystems (acquired by Intel). Mr. Mandel was also lead investor for Innovent Systems (acquired by Broadcom).

Yuri Pikover

Mr. Pikover has over 25 years experience in the development, capitalization and growth of emerging technology companies and is currently an active board member and investor in a series of technology companies. Prior roles include Chairman & CEO of, FLN, Access360, co-founder and EVP of Xylan, and a board member of several startups.

Babak Razi

Mr. Babak Razi founded Third Wave Ventures to help guide the growth of emerging high technology companies in Southern California. Among his endeavors, Mr. Razi was an early founder of Innovent Systems, which was acquired by Broadcom Corporation.

Bob Hawk

Mr. Hawk has had several CEO-level leadership positions at major telecommunications companies and has guided over twenty private companies through financings and initial public offerings.  Bob was formerly President and CEO of U.S. West Multimedia Communications, Inc. and Director of Advanced Systems Development for ATT/American Bell.  He is currently a partner with Doll Capital Management (DCM).

David Dull

Mr. Dull served several roles through the growth and IPO of Broadcom Corp including General Counsel, Secretary and Vice President of Business Affairs.  Mr Dull was a Partner in the law firm of Irell & Manella LLP.

Jeff Drake

Jeff Curie


Bill O’Shea

Mr. O’Shea has spent his career in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of information systems. He was the former President AT&T Bell Labs, former CTO Lucent, former CEO NCR, former CEO of Lucent’s Enterprise Networks Group now known as Avaya.

Carl Mandel

Mr. Mandel is Bitvore’s co-founder and a board observer. He is a seed investor in Broadcom and Access360 with multiple exits in other startups.  Mr. Mandel has extensive experience with data/info visualization and has several patents.