Reach hot prospects first

Trigger-driven sales delivers better sales outcome.   AI helps you contact the hottest prospects before the competition.


Beat your numbers with proactive intelligence

When you arrive first, you win more deals. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to focus your time on the hottest prospects first. The immediate benefits:

  • Discover hidden opportunities early
  • Add value with an important reason to call
  • Reduce prospecting time by starting the day with the hottest new prospects



Results Delivered

with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Precise surveillance of changes in prospects and territories

Unprecedented precision links actionable changes to the specific companies and territories you care about.  Bitvore removes incorrect matches and junk, leaving clear and clean intelligence.

Automated syncing of your prospects and customers

Sync Bitvore to your CRM to automatically update as prospects are added and you reorganize territories.  

At-scale intelligence

Bitvore monitors over 299,000 sources of news to isolate specific business changes you can act upon.  Local, national and trades are monitored to give B2B sales teams comprehensive and continuous insights.

Sales Triggers Unique to Your Business

Every business needs different types of triggers.   Selling construction supplies has different triggers than selling accounting software.   Here are some common examples of the more popular triggers that open a window of opportunity.  Bitvore provides dozens of material business signals you need selectable by company, location, revenue and more.  Synchronize Bitvore with your CRM to automatically surveil prospects and territories for your team.

  1. New Executives.  A newly hired member of the C-suite has ample authority and the desire to shake things up. Since they are looking to prove their value quickly they're more open to fresh ideas than most business leaders. It's a perfect time for your pitch.
  2. New Job/Role for Current Contact.  If a satisfied customer takes a different position in their company or moves to a new organization, reach out and see if they'd like to bring your product or service along for the ride. If your offering made them look good in their last role, they'll be eager to talk to you now.
  3. Large Customer Announcement.  If your prospect has just landed a significant account, they're about to have a lot more money rolling in. Reach out with a suggestion on how to use some of that cash to their benefit.
  4. Company Expansion.  A new office location necessitates a glut of new supplies and services. Depending on your product or service, this can be a primary up-sell or introduction opportunity.
  5. Company Relocation.  A relocated office is essentially a new office. See above.
  6. New Product/Service Announcement.  By rolling out a new product or service, a company is venturing into uncharted territory. And uncharted territory calls for different types of support and potentially new vendors.
  7. Competitive Product/Service Announcement.  Maybe a competitor beat your prospect to the punch with a new announcement, or even stole their thunder entirely. You can be sure that if a rival made a bold move, your prospect will be looking to make a bold response. If you can help in that aim, your message will be welcome.
  8. Major Competitive Move.  This includes any significant activity that falls outside the bounds of a product launch, like a new marketing campaign, piece of advertising, customer win, or leadership change. When one player moves, competitors won't be far behind.
  9. Good Quarter.  Is the company raking in money like crazy? Then they'll be more receptive to projects that could help them continue down the path to success or accelerate their growth. Introduce yourself.
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions.   The coming together of two organizations is a golden chance to earn add-on revenue. Spread the use of your product or service if one party is already a customer or get an initial foot in the door during a time of new beginnings.
  11. Legal Problems.  If a company gets penalized for compliance issues, they'll be looking for a product or service that can keep them out of trouble in the future. The salesperson who can swoop in to offer help amidst a disaster will look like a hero.

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