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Take Control.  Personalize Bitvore Alerts!

You’ve been experiencing a selection of different email alerts from Bitvore. You’ve seen our muni alerts are quick to review, relevant, precise and mapped to an obligor.   Our early insights let you move first and our complete surveillance means fewer surprises and saved hours.

Now is the time to take control.  Subscribe to personalize Bitvore to your needs.

What you will receive:

  • Alerts matched to your portfolio holdings
  • Alerts in your chosen sectors and geographies
  • Custom alerts you need
  • And search to lookup material news for any obligor, at any time

We’ll make it happen fast.  Our concierge team will load and configure the system for you.  Need to track the economic impact from coal, oil or fracking?  No problem.  We can help.

See around corners.  See the smoke before the fire.  Try it and learn why the industry leaders are using Bitvore.

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