Big Data, Unleashed

When it comes to hunting the forest of big data to flush out opportunity, it pays to have a big dog working for you

There’s big money in turning big data into business insights. Problem is, even if you know what you’re looking for, finding it in a world that’s generating a terabyte a second is nearly impossible. That’s why there’s Bitvore.

Bitvore is a real time, big data consuming and processing monster. Point it at virtually any and all data sources you want — social media feeds, websites, RSS feeds, data firehoses, you name it — and Bitvore will plow through all of them like a hungry grizzly in a beehive. What you get back is clean data mashup, fully processed, broken into pieces tagged by concept, and ready to pump intelligence into your real-time apps or to power your business insight magic.

Designed for business people, not data jockeys

Built for Business Users, not data jockeys
Bitvore is designed for people who know their businesses, not database jockeys and techies. Its web-based, drag and drop interface that takes minutes to learn and will have you mining deep sources of Internet data like a veteran data analyst in no time.

Got a little technical acumen? Great. Bitvore’s VQL query language will let you teach Bitvore to do tricks that people with other BI and analytics systems could never dream of.  Need to power another application with real-time information? Tap into our API’s to get live intelligence never before practical without a government-sized budget.

The freshest information served hot

Insights served hot
The business insights you can cook from big data are amazing, but their expiration dates are incredibly short — mere days or hours. Sometimes just minutes.

That’s why Bitvore works in real time, curating, culling and categorizing data nearly as quickly as the Internet can produce it. That way you’ve always got the freshest information served hot and ready.

Cloud-based, hassle free

Cloud-based, hassle free

Forget about costly data warehouses and servers or complicated licensing schemes. Bitvore is built on a industry standard Hadoop and web architecture so you can scale it as small or large as you want without downtime or performance hits.

Cloud-based and super scalable, you can connect up as many data sources from inside your company, private subscription sources, or public sources.  Best of all, you never pay for more than you need.

Get started today. (Really. Today.)

Bitvore requires no client software to install and virtually nothing to setup. You just login to your desktop or mobile browser, drag and drop a couple of things and Bitvore’s off to the races. Boom. Self-serve enterprise-class big data analytics in less time than it takes to deliver a pizza.

Demo Bitvore

See Bitvore in action for yourself

If you're ready to see what Bitvore can really do, request a demo and see it unleashed
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