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“There’s no advantage having the same information as everyone else.”

~Andy Meyers, COO Breckinridge Capital Advisors


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Bitvore in the Financial Industry

Better intelligence is a distinct advantage over competitors, both increasing returns and decreasing risk.

From distressed debt to M&A opportunity, one thing is clear: when you keep your finger on the pulse of material changes happening to businesses, then you have the information advantage.  Your own personalized surveillance system feeds you concise information on the latest changes in businesses you invest and track.

  • Precise – Bitvore’s AI classifies intelligence into hundreds of categories, eliminating irrelevant noise
  • Proactive – Bitvore vigilantly watches for 300+ changes that materially impact a business
  • Personalized – Bitvore correlates intelligence from 17,000 sources to a dozen, hundred or thousands of business you need specifically
  • Enterprise grade – Departments require consistent, repeatable and sharable results – every day.
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There’s more to Bitvore than the Financial Industry

“Your company’s biggest database isn’t your transaction, CRM, or ERP – it’s the Web itself.” ~Doug Laney, Sr. VP at Gartner

Bitvore is the breakthrough that turns the Internet into your custom source of material intelligence, specific to your industry and business needs. As leading companies know, what’s happening outside your organization sets the context for everything inside.

Our patented AI technology masters the exponentially growing volume of information, far beyond the drudgery of time consuming searches and archaic manual reporting. Because we think being able to get the material information you need – before you need it – is what business leaders require to manage their risk, increase their profits and power new innovations.

Almost every level of decision making, from sales to mergers, is profoundly changed when you have timely clarity about the changing situations impacting your business.

  • Monitors and collects data from thousands of sources
  • Determines what’s important to you, right now
  • Removes the irrelevant
  • Delivers material information advantage tailored to you in formats you can use
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Watch every single business in your portfolio. Never miss a beat.

Do It Yourself

Nothing to install.  All you need is a browser and email to use Bitvore.

No Learning Curve

Bitvore is simple.  If you can use an iPad, you can get results.

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