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Outperform Your Peers

“Bitvore lets us see around corners.”

~Andy Meyers, COO Breckinridge Capital Advisors


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Risk Surveillance Over Your Portfolio

Early awareness and insights into emerging problems in your portfolio increases returns and sidesteps losses.

From municipal bonds and real estate to public and private corporate debt, one thing is clear: when you keep your finger on the pulse of your portfolio holdings, then you have the advantage.  Your own personalized surveillance system feeds you concise information on the latest changes in businesses you hold and track.

  • Precise – Connect Bitvore to your portfolio and see specific changes impacting each holding
  • Proactive – Bitvore vigilantly watches for 300+ changes that materially impact a business, local economy, or issuer of public debt
  • Personalized – Bitvore correlates intelligence from 40,000 sources to a dozen, hundred or thousands of business you need specifically
  • Enterprise grade – Departments require consistent, repeatable and sharable results – every day.
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Spot More Deals with Bitvore AI

Find new sales in your current customers.  Spot greenfield opportunities.  Increase deal flow.  Bitvore’s AI can help.

Bitvore is the breakthrough that turns the Internet into your personal source of intelligence, specific to your business. Bitvore watches for important events that cause money to move.  If you search the news every morning hoping to find actionable intelligence, then you’re ready for proactive, precision intelligence from Bitvore.

When change happens in your territory, you need to be the first to know.  Bitvore’s voracious AI is trained to tirelessly hunt for changes you can leverage in your turf. Fill your deal pipeline with more opportunities.

  • Be the first to move on greenfield opportunities
  • Build strong relationships by understanding your customer
  • Turn cold calls into warm calls
  • Sort hot prospects from deteriorating situations


Watch every single business in your portfolio. Never miss a beat.

Do It Yourself

Nothing to install.  All you need is a browser and email to use Bitvore.

No Learning Curve

Bitvore is simple.  If you can use an iPad, you can get results.

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