Discover Third Party Risk before it affects your business

The Bitvore Cellenus® Platform delivers groundbreaking AI-Ready™ data sets that deliver sentiment-driven analysis of ESG and other business risks.


Bitvore Provides Leading Indicators So You Know First, Act First.


For Financial Institutions

Eliminate massive manual research efforts to find alpha.

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For Corporates

Deep insights into the companies you do business with to better manage risk.

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For Consultancies

Build better customer relationships with Bitvore Cellenus leading indicators.

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For Partners

Power your platform with powerful, predictive insights.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Bitvore lets us see around corners.”

~Andy Meyers, COO Breckinridge Capital Advisors

“Everyone in our business needs Bitvore. It’s not about surviving in a competitive environment – it’s about the need for perpetual vigilance.”

-Charles Fish, CEO Charles Fish Investments

“Any company that has a significant number of holdings would absolutely benefit from Bitvore. It’s about being proactive."

-$50 Billion AUM Wealth Management Firm

"We are excited to give our clients a competitive advantage with Bitvore’s proactive monitoring service.”

-Scott Bradley, President Investortools.

“Bitvore’s automated portfolio surveillance system delivers a new level of transparency across the market in just a few minutes a day."

-Jim Nadler, President Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

"The breadth, depth and accuracy of Bitvore for Munis is an outstanding complement to our DIVER platform."

-Gregg L. Bienstock, CEO Lumesis

The Bitvore Advantage


Bitvore's 24/7 global surveillance ensures you receive intelligence for proactive decision-making about changes happening anywhere, anytime.


Bitvore gives you growth, risk and sentiment scoring, as well as other deep insights, through identification and quantification of material business events in unstructured data.


Whether it's specific companies, industries, markets, emerging themes or municipalities, the intelligence you receive is connected to your business.


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