Using ESG for Munis to Track Sustainability in the State of New York

ESG has quickly become a tool to help investors see the trajectory of municipal bond obligors. Bitvore’s new ESG for Munis product allows customers to stay on top and keep track of their portfolios and how they are performing in terms of environment, social, or governance. In this case study, we look at how ESG for Munis allows us to track the move towards sustainability in New York.


Electric Vehicles in Reverse Due to Chip Shortage

With the onset of the pandemic, carmakers like General Motors, Ford Motor and Volkswagen were forced to temporarily shut down production lines. Anticipating a market slowdown that would last some months, they canceled orders for chips used in vehicle electronics systems like driver assistance and navigation control.

Chip foundries like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) reassigned their spare production capacity for the remainder of that year to companies making smartphones, laptops and gaming devices, which were experiencing a surge in demand during the pandemic.

Could declining Bitvore sentiment in the Semiconductor market be a leading indicator for a similar decline in the Electronic Vehicle market? Download this case study to find out.


Accelerating ESG Adoption Driving Companies to Put Action Behind Their ESG Goals or Face the Consequences

ESG adoption among investors continues to accelerate. In the past, companies often committed to sustainable goals to appease shareholders. However, this “greenwashing” without follow-through has become unacceptable to market participants and corporate inaction often has a profound effect on their stock price.

This Bitvore data analytics study uses Bitvore sentiment data from unstructured data sources to determine if a company’s sentiment trailing its industry is a good leading indicator of where their stock price is headed. In this study, a company’s declining stock performance was directly related to declining sentiment vs. their industry.


Top Commercial Insurer Identifies Emerging Client Reputational Risk to Predict Losses

The Data Science Lab and AI Innovation Center of one of the top commercial insurers contacted Bitvore about leveraging Bitvore Cellenus to surveil clients for emerging reputational risk to enhance predictive modeling of potential losses.

Learn how Bitvore Cellenus identified emerging risks for clients of Commercial Insurance, Workers Comp and Employee Benefits solutions.


Big 4 Consultancy Enhances Client Engagement

A global consultancy was using multiple data vendors to gather information while struggling to integrate and normalize disparate data.

Download this case study to learn how they used Bitvore Cellenus to build a research platform for the development managers to better understand their clients and prospects, as well as the markets and regulations impacting them.


Top International Bank Uses AI to Reduce Headcount

A large International Bank’s Innovation Lab is charged with introducing AI across the bank globally to reduce manual effort and improve efficiency in repetitive tasks.

Download this case study to learn how Bitvore Cellenus helped Relationship Managers better understand prospects, existing clients and the relationships they have.


Top 5 Asset Manager Leverages Bitvore Cellenus to Drive Efficiency with AI & Predictive Analytics

A global asset manager who recently consolidated technology teams to support Fixed Income and Equities collectively was looking for ways to streamline costs, while leveraging best practices across asset classes.

Their end-goal was to deliver on-demand research for companies and municipal bonds along with a predictive engine to support better Portfolio Recommendation. Download this case study to learn how Bitvore Cellenus enabled them to drive efficiency with AI and predictive analytics.


Top 5 Bank Using AI to Predict Impacts of Trending Risk Indicators on Investments

Led by the Corporate cross-LOB Market Risk Team, the Top 5 Bank’s key objective was to identify important developing themes and trends in the news and social media which could have adverse or positive effects on their investments.

Download this case study to learn how Bitvore Cellenus enabled them to act faster to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities.


Leading Corporate Bank Accelerates Digital Innovation in Lending Practices

A global Corporate Bank was spearheading a digital transformation to implement new technologies and improve overall credit monitoring, automate workflows and reduce costs and time to market with activities like loan origination, margin calls, and client onboarding.

Download this case study and learn how they utilized Bitvore Cellenus API to identify ‘at-risk’ clients and immediately action them through an automated workflow.


Bitvore AI Predicts S&P Global Downgrade

The city of Selma, Alabama experienced a credit rating drop by S&P Global Ratings in 2018. Download this case study and learn:

  • How Bitvore knew there was trouble months before Selma’s credit rating was downgraded by S&P Global Ratings.
  • The reported indicators leading up to the rating change that Bitvore captured and weighed.
  • How municipal and economic precision news using AI and machine learning algorithms drive predictive analytics.