Bitvore White Papers


Tractable Understanding of the World Using AI + NLP

Learn how AI/NLP analysis of the world's unstructured textual data provides analysis, trending, correlation, and early indicators of fundamental business, industry and market changes and impacts.


Use AI to Improve Business Strategy and Emerge a Post-Recession Winner

Focusing on AI technologies that augment your employees’ capacity, mitigate business risks and differentiate you from your competition can drive fundamental value in your business.


Bitvore Cellenus Sentiment Scoring

In this white paper, you'll learn how Bitvore's sentiment scoring system can be used to improve the decision making processes.

Download and learn:

  • What sentiment analysis is and how Bitvore's proprietary approach works

  • The types of sentiment analysis

  • How Bitvore sentiment analysis can improve your business results


Using AI-Processed News Datasets to Perform Predictive Analytics

Find out if our AI-processed insights from unstructured data were able to predict Amazon's HQ2 location. Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • How we leverage AI to process large datasets to perform predictive analytics.

  • How municipal, economic and corporate precision news can drive predictive analytics.

  • How we combined our data with outside requirements laid out by Amazon and predictive models to make intelligent predictions.

  • Detailed results of our predictions.

Unstructured Alternative Data in Predictive Modeling

Data scientists can spend 60-80% of their time gathering sources of unstructured alternative data (alt-data) and preparing it for use in predictive modeling. Download the FAQ and learn:

  • What unstructured alt-data is and how it's used in predictive analytics.

  • Why you should be including unstructured alt-data in your business strategy to make more intelligent decisions.

  • How most data scientists use alt-data to build predictive models for analysis.

  • How Bitvore's approach differs by enabling us to deliver AI-Ready Data to our customers, saving them 60-80% of their time when analyzing alt-data.

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