Bitvore White Papers


Using AI-Processed News Datasets to Perform Predictive Analytics

Find out if our AI-processed insights from unstructured data were able to predict Amazon's HQ2 location. Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • How we leverage AI to process large datasets to perform predictive analytics.

  • How municipal, economic and corporate precision news can drive predictive analytics.

  • How we combined our data with outside requirements laid out by Amazon and predictive models to make intelligent predictions.

  • Detailed results of our predictions.

Unstructured Alternative Data in Predictive Modeling

Data scientists can spend 60-80% of their time gathering sources of unstructured alternative data (alt-data) and preparing it for use in predictive modeling. Download the FAQ and learn:

  • What unstructured alt-data is and how it's used in predictive analytics.

  • Why you should be including unstructured alt-data in your business strategy to make more intelligent decisions.

  • How most data scientists use alt-data to build predictive models for analysis.

  • How Bitvore's approach differs by enabling us to deliver AI-Ready Data to our customers, saving them 60-80% of their time when analyzing alt-data.

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