Surveillance of US Municipal Bonds and Obligors

Transparency into your portfolio

Bitvore Cellenus for Munis provides augmented intelligence for credit analysts and portfolio managers.  Bitvore’s popular automated surveillance provides all the important changes happening in your bond portfolio.  Bitvore’s AI provides you with personalized assistance to watch over and research your portfolio 24 hours-a-day.

Simply enter CUSIPs and Bitvore reveals 212 important changes in your obligors.  Subscribe to concise alerts to stay on the top of your portfolio at all times.  With 4 years of history on each obligor, plus integrated EMMA material events, a full digital history of an obligor is available for reporting or backtesting predictive models.

Bitvore Cellenus for Munis provides ESG tracking, identifying whether any material event is ESG-related. Additionally, sentiment is identified for each material event and rolled up into obligor and CUSIP level sentiment scoring. User can also subscribe to custom topics, allowing them to follow a specific sector and themes within a sector (e.g.,  Affordable Care Act, Disaster Reconstruction).

Comprehensive Industry Coverage

Unique Material Events 212 Active CUSIPs 2,100,000 Unique Obligors Surveilled 55,000

Assess your portfolio’s ESG readiness with Bitvore’s Muni Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Dataset

Proprietary AI /Quality – Our NLP model has 34 topics and sub-topics, producing machine-readable ESG data. High precision models are trained with experienced municipal bond human annotators with continuous QA to adjust for drift.

Quantifiable data – ESG sentiment analysis provided at the article level, with the ability to roll up to CUSIP, Obligor, Portfolio, Location, Sector and/or Topic level. ESG sentiment scores range from -100 to +100.

Virtual Real-time – 24x7x365 surveillance of ESG events impacting CUSIP level performance.*

Aggregation of 60k unique sources of data – cleaned, normalized and ready for use. 8+ sectors such as; Development, Education, Health, Housing, Local Government, Tax Revenue, Transportation, Utility and more. 212 unique material events analyzed daily.

Easy Concordance – Normalization of content to reference database to concord CUSIP.

Coverage – 5 Years historical dataset, covering a universe of 3.1+ million CUSIPs and 55k+ Obligors surveilled.

Flexibility – Accessible through download files, API, or proprietary user interface. Ability to plug and play in Investortools (Perform & Credit Scope), Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and other data visualization tools.


Results Delivered

with the power of Artificial Intelligence

At-scale surveillance

In the time you enjoy your morning coffee, you can review every material situation across your entire portfolio.  Fully automated, minutes to read.

Precise intelligence on muni bonds

Alerts linked to CUSIPs and material events unique to the municipal bonds.

Industry Expertise Inside

Our AI was trained with help from the world’s leading credit analysts at rating agencies, asset managers, and wealth managers.

3 Years of Backtesting Data

To model the future, first correlate to the past with the only continuous quantified data set of muni intelligence correlated to CUSIPs.

Do More with Less by Eliminating Time-Consuming Drudgery

Cellenus for Munis is designed for teams from 3 to 300.  Each team member can receive alerts matched to their coverage responsibilities and can design and share reports with other team members.   The Cellenus for Munis AI sends summarized alerts to your email, and allows instant research into CUSIPs and sectors with the online web portal.

Cellenus for Munis integrates EMMA material events into your stream.  Each event is turned into English so you are clear before you click on the relevance and importance of the event filed with the MSRB EMMA system.

Cellenus for Munis is also available through our UI, integrated with Investortools Perform or through an API for integration to your internal systems.


See It In Action

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