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Clear and Complete Knowledge of Important Changes in Muni Obligors

Proactively track hundreds of names tied to the CUSIP.  Bitvore AI surveils all U.S. muni obligors.

Bitvore automatically detects important changes in each of 65,000 issuers of municipal bonds, tracking changes down to the CUSIP.  Bitvore’s personalized assistant is like having a dedicated team of analysts watching over your portfolio 24 hours-a-day.  Simply load a list of CUSIPs and Bitvore monitors over 300 important changes in your obligors.  You receive concise alerts proactively.  Plus 18-months of history linked to the CUSIP, Bitvore gives you one-click portfolio reports for clients and compliance.

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Proactive, Precise & Personalized Results Delivered with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Eliminate Gaps in Your Knowledge. Surveillance on Every Muni Obligor

The changes in your portfolio has never been so clear.  All issuers, GO and revenue-backed, by sector and location, are tracked and correlated by Bitvore’s AI.

Bitvore Coverage Measurement of Obligors in Top States

Early warnings of changes to risk are monitored and reported by Bitvore Precision Intelligence. Early warning indicators are correlated to your holdings and interests so you can be proactive and make more informed decisions.  Junk, spam and irrelevant information is removed, providing you with clear, concise intelligence in minutes a day.

Bitvore Early Warning Heatmap of Obligors in the Education Sector 1H 2017

Proactive, Automatic Surveillance of Your CUSIPs 

CUSIP Level Alert from Bitvore for Munis

In the time you enjoy your morning coffee, you can review any material situations across your entire portfolio.

  • Fully automated
  • Monitor from 500 to 50,000 bonds in your portfolio
  • Email alerts of changes
  • Divide the work among team members by area of responsibility
  • Secure and private

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Lookup Obligor Situations

Lookup CUSIPs or names to research obligor changes

Always have an edge knowing the recent situations impacting an obligor’s credit.  One click returns a 360-degree view of material situations and economic changes in that geography.

  • Interactive lookup by obligor, issuer or number
  • Top changes without noise
  • Open the original sources
  • Save and share results as a report
  • Integrate to your desk using our API

Track Sectors, Regions and Topics

Whether you cover cities in Pennsylvania, schools in Texas or communities impacted by fracking, Bitvore can personalize the material situations to your area of interest.

  • Concise, custom email alerts without junk
  • Target city, county and state
  • Target sectors from airports to universities to public utilities
  • Custom topics using simple modifiers
  • Combine all of the above!

Consistent & Documented Results for Compliance

Add Bitvore to your supervisory process and have consistently high quality research across your entire team. The ugly reality is that relying on a generic consumer search tool doesn’t help a consistent process.  One person might be a good Googler but the person next to them is lousy.  This results in inconsistent research quality and poor documentation of your process.

1. One simple search returns a full spectrum of material news

2. Nothing to learn, no ‘advanced’ search languages to master

3. The same consistent results every day, for every employee

4. Save the research as documentation of your disclosure research

Bitvore’s AI-based Service is Like No Other

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