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Bitvore in the News

Bitvore Expands Leadership team with Sales Executive from IBM Watson

Jerry Welsh joins growing Bitvore AI team to drive strategic partnerships.

May 1, 2017.   Bitvore’s expansion of its A.I.-based Precision Intelligence system into new markets will be led by former IBM Watson Global Sales Leader, Jerry Welsh. Bitvore is already well-known across the fixed income world for its breakthrough application of A.I. for surveillance over the large and opaque world of municipal bond issuers.  Bitvore counts among their customers the leading credit rating agencies, banks and insurance companies. Read the Release.

AI for Municipal Bonds

Artificial Intelligence is Radically Changing Risk Assessments in the Muni Market

Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does

How can you predict a fire before seeing flames and smoke? Look for the spark. In the municipal bond market, finding the spark is the subject of constant research, investigation and hand wringing. Whether it is a mayor contemplating bankruptcy, a union discussing a nursing strike, or embezzlement charges against school district officials, the muni bond market is in a constant state of high alert.

Why is it so hard to spot warning signs before they turn into financial setbacks? To begin with, there are 65,000 issuers of municipal debt, which results in two significant problems. First, events that never make the headlines frequently have a significant impact, so it is not enough just to monitor mainstream news sources to make a risk analysis. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there is a cap on human ability to read, digest, and respond to information. When you are trying to monitor 65,000 issuers of debt and the millions of factors that relate to them, you are swimming up a waterfall…

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Investortools partner logo


Chicago, April 12, 2016 – Investortools, Inc. has partnered with Bitvore Corp. to integrate timely market intelligence into the Investortools Perform® portfolio management system. Bitvore monitors thousands of news and research sources to identify material events and changes impacting the credit risk of municipal bonds and obligors. Through the integration, Bitvore will monitor portfolios inside Perform and alert portfolio managers and analysts to important changes in credit situations.

Read the Release.

Bitvore Opens Muni Intelligence API to Financial Technology Providers

Nov 10, 2015.  Bitvore’s new application programming interface (API) delivers precision local news about changes in bond issuers within existing trading platforms and portfolio management applications .   The new Application Programming Interface (API) addresses the widespread demand for Bitvore’s information within the context of trading and analysis workflows.   Coverage in The Bond Buyer.

Bitvore Featured in Thomson Reuters Case Study

Oct 16, 2015.  Thousands upon thousands of pieces of business news are published globally each day on the Internet. For companies that design complex algorithmic systems to quickly capture and filter all that information down to what matters to a particular investment, speed and accuracy are fundamental. Bitvore Corp., based in Irvine, California, is in the business of offering such systems to give an information advantage to investment professionals.   A Case Study for Thomson Reuters.

Bitvore Signs Breckinridge Capital Advisors for its Obligor Intelligence Platform

Sept 22, 2015.  Breckinridge Capital Advisors has adopted Bitvore Corp.’s Obligor Intelligence platform to provide analytics and insight on a growing portfolio of 40,000 different CUSIPs from over 4,000 issuers.  Read more in the BondBuyer (paid).  Read the Press Release.

Bitvore Announces ‘The Daily Brief – Muni Intelligence Alerts’

Sept 1, 2015.

“Whether you have 50 holdings or 5,000, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of precious time to stay on top of all the different situations that can affect your Muni,” said Jeff Curie, Bitvore CEO. “And this is where Bitvore comes in. A comprehensive early-warning system for municipal bonds. We discover actionable nuggets every day and any one of them can improve the returns for our clients.” Read the Release.

Bitvore Signs KBRA, First Rater to Adopt Its Muni-Intelligence Platform

Aug 25, 2015.  “Bitvore’s automated portfolio surveillance system delivers a new level of transparency across the market in just a few minutes a day,” said Jim Nadler, President of Kroll Bond Rating Agency.  Read more in the BondBuyer (paid).

Success Story: Bitvore Raises Over $1,000,000 To Scale Sales + Marketing Efforts

Bitvore recently raised over $1,000,000 from 10 investors through Crowdfunder. Bitvore collects vast amounts of data from the Internet and turns it into clean, organized intelligence that’s ready for use. We we’re able to catch up with Jeff Curie, CEO of Bitvore, to hear about their success… Read more

Lumesis, Bitvore Platform Offers ‘CUSIP-Specific’ News

Jan 29, 2015 “Bitvore for munis brings the market obligor and CUSIP-specific news for portfolio monitoring and on-demand information,” Gregg L. Bienstock, chief executive officer and co-founder of Stamford, Conn.-based Lumesis.  Read more (paid source).


27 Feb 2015. “Bitvore for Munis is a breakthrough product for the muni market to receive early insights into the changing credit situation of issuers and obligors,” said Tom Vales, CEO of TMC Bonds.

More Press About Bitvore

Bitvore nabs $4.5M to be your ‘data mining for dummies’

Bitvore’s software is like IFTTT (If This Then That, the real-time command recipe service) on steroids. Its data-mining system scours a wide variety of public and private sources including websites, blogs, email, and social media which can then be customized into recipes (data plus action) and even further fine-tuned at the dashboard level. Read more in Venture Beat.

Bitvore, mining the data you can’t for business intelligence

“… sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to intelligence on munis is obviously a huge task and it’s one that requires sophisticated Big Data acquisition, analysis, and organization.   But servicing the muni market isn’t all that Bitvore was designed for. The service can ingest any data sources and find the relevant content according to whatever the users’ needs are.”  Read more in Network World.

Decoding Signal From Noise For Wall Street, With Bitvore

“There are many other serious use cases on Wall Street and other markets, such as consumer product goods, retail, fashion, and even agriculture. We’re interested in applying our product, first and foremost for our Wall Street customers, and using that as a lever to build a revenue stream for the company to grow into other markets.”  Read more at SoCal Tech.