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Bitvore AI "separates the wheat from the chaff" so you get timely, relevant business news that has material impact on companies you do business with.


AI delivers the exact intelligence you need on a silver platter

Bitvore information is complete, accurate and ready-to-use.  Whether you are manually googling, writing web scrapers or paying for feeds from one of the many digital news providers, you are no doubt overwhelmed trying to extract the few nuggets of material business news from the explosive volume of irrelevant or repetitive information online. Perhaps you've already had to reduce the number of news sources you follow to keep from drowning in the junk, but now you're missing important business news that you need. Or, you may have invested in a team of people to manually dredge the internet to find the nuggets you need, making it difficult to scale and move rapidly.

We developed Bitvore Precision News to solve these specific issues. Using proprietary AI techniques to analyze the unstructured data from world news and information, Bitvore identifies material business changes happening to over 232,000 public and private companies who generate $50M or more in yearly revenue.  That's the entire mid-market and larger, which means 99% of the junk you've struggled to plow through is suddenly replaced by pure, relevant and complete intelligence. The person hours and development dollars you've been spending are returned to you. Delivered through a comprehensive API, Bitvore Precision News is easy to integrate with your CMS or other applications to deliver actionable intelligence.


Plug-n-Play Precision News is Powered by Our AI Platform

Our continuous automation allows us to deliver clean, normalized news you need when it's most relevant.
No additional analysis or curation is required.  The Bitvore AI platform produces a finished product ready to plug into your workflows, applications and models.


299,000+ sources of news are analyzed and stored online.


Get business-impacting nuggets. Junk & dupes removed by AI.


Carefully organized by business, industry, source, location & more.


232,000+ companies on tap by ticker, company, industry & more.


Continuous, Up-To-Date News About Businesses of the World

Unlike most news feeds and scrapers, Bitvore handles the trash collection and normalization needed for digital applications of the news.   That means that our AI is extensively trained to detect and remove duplication, spam and similar rewrites that plague the web.   Bitvore's AI is also trained to normalize the data with enhancements to make it easy to sync Bitvore's output to your companies of interest, regions, portfolios and customer databases.  In addition, Bitvore's business signal tags enable you to select specific kinds of business changes that matter most to you - mergers, executive departures, lawsuits, environmental errors, human rights problems and many more.

The system is ideal for modern newsrooms and companies that need to track hundreds or thousands of global prospects, suppliers, customers or investments with ease and accuracy.

Bitvore solution offers:

  • Low latency, global coverage of 232,000 national, local and industry sources
  • Precise identification of material changes in businesses and organizations
  • Connectable to your apps and workflows via API
  • Correlation of entity IDs (e.g., tickers, URLs, CUSIPs) between your apps and Bitvore
  • 24x7 proactive alerting and historical queries

Bitvore currently tracks companies in the mid-market and larger. Tracking of additional companies can be added as needed.


See It In Action

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