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Bitvore Case Studies and Helpful Resources

Download Bitvore Case Study: $50B AUM Wealth Manager

Bitvore Case Study: $50 Billion AUM Wealth Management Firm

With over 2,000 clients and 8,000 individual holdings, continued growth requires forward thinking.  Find out why this customer adopted Obligor Intelligence and calls Bitvore “Amazing”!    (Download PDF)


Download Bitvore Case Study: Breckinridge Capital Advisors

Bitvore Case Study: Breckinridge Capital Advisors

How does an investment firm carefully analyze and manage risk while investing opportunistically to improve incremental returns? Breckinridge Capital Advisors use Bitvore’s Obligor Intelligence system daily and on-demand when assessing a new deal or reviewing existing credits. Breckinridge 50+ users are able to look beyond rating agency reports to integrate additional content into their decision making process and identify potential risks.  (Download PDF)

Download Bitvore Case Study: Charles Fish Investments

Bitvore Case Study: Charles Fish Investments

How does an investment firm devote the resources, intensity and vigilance necessary to insure all clients receive consistent and superior results with a portfolio of over 1,000 muni issuers? According to Charles ‘Skip’ Fish, CEO and former head of the MSRB, “It’s not about surviving in a competitive environment – it’s about the need for perpetual vigilance. It just takes one time to miss something.”  (Download PDF)

St Lawrence County NY

30 Weeks of Material Intelligence from St Lawrence County, NY

St Lawrence County NY is struggling financially.   Bitvore has been tracking this county and the bonds behind it, isolating the material situation indicators for our clients.   Check out the timeline of events as seen by Bitvore customers. (Download PDF)

Penn Hills School District, PA

Early Warnings from Penn Hills School District

Embattled Penn Hills School District has shown a series of early warnings signs in the form of material issues in the news.  Check out the timeline of events as seen by Bitvore customers. (Download PDF)

Obligor Intelligence by Bitvore – Two Page Brochure

Need to tell someone else about our Obligor Intelligence solution for Munis?  This PDF file is just the thing to give them a quick overview of the features and benefits. (Download PDF)