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Crystal Clear Intelligence, Crystal Clear Pricing

Below is the price for Bitvore subscriptions effective on January 1, 2018.  Pricing for Bitvore for Munis and Bitvore Portfolio Intelligence applications are based on annual subscriptions for the number of users receiving the information.  Each subscription includes proactive alerting with personalized bi-daily digests and access to respective web-based applications.  Bitvore for Munis includes intelligence on all obligors in the US market.

Subscriptions can be purchased from the sales teams of Bitvore, Investortools or Lumesis.  Investortools Perform customers can synchronize portfolios automatically.   Contact sales about pricing to receive intelligence and synchronize portfolios through the Bitvore API.
Number of UsersAnnual Subscription
Up to 3$22,000
Over 25Call for proposal

Pricing includes surveillance of 2,500 municipal obligors or businesses.  For larger portfolios, there are additional fees:

  • Large portfolio surveillance of 2,501-5,000 entities: add $6,000/year
  • Extra-large portfolio of over 5,000 entities: add $10,500/year

A small support fee of 10% is added for support of optional automatic synchronization with 3rd party products.

Download Bitvore Application and API Terms of Service